Universal Creative


Super Nintendo World
As a Creative Engineer for Universal, developed some of the interactive character experiences, Animatronics and cutting edge technology that will be bringing Super Nintendo World to life. 

Tait Towers

Toruk: First Flight - Cirque Du Soleil -2015
stage machinery and rigging to facilitate the storage and deployment of a 40' inflatable marionette tree.

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Stage Machine - 2015
40' wide stage with embedded LED screen capable of rotating through 90 degrees while carrying dancers and props. 

Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Propeller - 2015
Developed a 7' wide, 100' long modular runway capable of lifting 15', rotating 360 degrees and tilting 45 degrees. 


AC/DC Tour 2015
Designed and Integrated a hydraulic triple-scissor lift B-Stage. 


Carnegie Mellon (Masters) 



My Hero Journey for San Antonio Childrens Museum
My Hero Journey allows children to compose their own adventure stories following the classic Hero with a Thousand Faces story structure. Children are guided through the story creation process on a touch screen monitor that allows them and their families to become characters by adding their own faces to their custom heros and villains. The story unfolds on a large screen embedded in a storybook so friends and family can watch along with the storyteller. 


Geodesic Dome
This 6' diameter 2V geodesic dome was designed and built as part of a live gaming experience for the Building Virtual Worlds class at Carnegie Mellons Entertainment Technology Center. One player was isolated in the dome was was guided through a series of time travel themed games by the audience who had a view of the screen and the players reaction. 


Intern Work

Simple Hand for Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute Manipulations Lab
The simple Hand project aims to pare down the basic dynamics of grasp and develop a hand that can isolate an object and determine its position in space. The design of the hand is restricted to three potential grasp positions, allowing for the position of the grasp object to be easily determined. 


Cooper Union (Undergrad)


Inertia Friction Welder -2012
Machine capable of welding 2" diameter aluminum rods. Designed and built entirely from scratch over the course of a year as a part of Engineering Design course. 


Rubens Tube -2012
Functional Rubens Tube standing wave demonstration built as a part of Audio Engineering Projects class. 


Bronze Sculpture - 2012
Functional bronze rube goldberg device created for Casting Techniques class.


5 Octave Red Oak marimba designed and built as a part of Musical Instrument Design course.